22 October 2006

being light

sometimes i wish i could see myself from outside of myself. i am inside and i cannot decide to be who i want to be. i am a being of light, a channel of God's fabulous and mysterious creation manifested in a real form among the very soil of this earth. some days i live well. other days i just live. it feels as though i have been living so slowly ever since i moved to Kentucky.

tonight @ church, the sermon was about how we are all beings of light, and we were challenged to practice two things this week.
1. sit as a light (*which means rest in knowing that I am a manifestation of God as light)
2. affirm the light in others
these practices involve simply allowing each other to be. to coexist. i live with my grandmother and we cohabit this home fabulously. i want to practice allowing my light to shine (not putting it under anything) and affirming her light so that she will also allow it to shine brilliantly. wouldn't the world be beautiful if we lived that way?

if we allowed our selves and the people allll around us, as we are so connected, to simply be light. i want to sing, this little light of mine, i'm gonna let it shine...

allow yourself. allow me. let's all just be light. "if you know you are light, than you just are. that is the journey."

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