23 October 2006


s.h.a.k.e.r.t.o.w.n. another adventure with the p.u.'s means educational mixed with exquiste cuisine.

so this time we traveled out through Kentucky's bluegrass fields, out to where the land is marked by beautiful stone fences, and where quality of life is identified with more than the brand of your shirt. it is a place where you use your hands for work and your heart for God.

my parents & i walked around the village...looking at the family houses, hearing the history of the shakers, who were founded by mother ann lee, and lead simple lives in a communal society, seperated by gender, and got their name because of their spiritual dancing...which normally lead to skaking...crazy but expressive and so different than the way our culture tells us to express our spirits...

it felt surreal. placing my feet along a path where others had previously operated so simply, and here i am, complicated as shit, blogging about my issues, and somehow walking along their path. the world is so big, and yet we are all so connected. so tonight, back in the world where we identify ourselves with things outside of ourselves, i'll be dancing to ShaKira and maybe i'll even do some shakes in honor of the shakers...

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