16 October 2006

the wave crashing on my shore

so i was thinking today about how i feel like the shore...and there is all this ocean drift pulling in and pushing out of my life...and i am so paitent, waiting here, waiting for the waves of opportunity to crash on me, the shore. crash. break. bust. crack. whip. there are millions of words to be used here. here are some of my pensamientos from today.

Louisville is a really cool city. it is beautiful, diverse, big, small, full, empty, quiet, loud, i mean you name it. The dynamics are so offers you eVeRyTHiNG and still feel like more than just a number. I don't even know anyone and I still run into people...really fun to be here. I've been exploring by going to new restaurants, hanging out at coffee shops, going to local festivals (art, idea, latino), hanging out at the University (for Latino Film Festival, my thursday night activity), going to lectures, bookstores, church, centers for spirituality, movies, bowling, and even a date! has been really interesting. Sometime I get bored because I lack self-motivation to GO eXplORE, and when I have those days I just don't do anything...which is so stupid, and those are the bummer I try my best to GET OUT and GO and that INTERACTION has proven so wonderful!

My church is still pretty much the coolest place ever. These people are so real...I mean they are genuine in ways I've never met in people---so honest and so real, so quickly. They love in huge ways and they pour out their pain in abundance. It's like they are constantly recycling pain and letting love come in, heal them, and more them to places they never imagined themselves. The church is full of social workers, therapits, theologians, and little kiddies...

I talked to the Peruvian that I'm in love with today. I probably shouldn't say that aloud but it's true...if we even lived in the same country I sware I'd want to be stuck in an elevator with him for HOURS. haha Anyway, I downloaded this Calle 13 song because of him and it's my new favorite thing to listen to..."atrevete te te te" find it. it will rock your world too. but leave my Peruvian lover out of your world getting rocked, please.

I went to a lecture @ UofL on "The New Latin Nation." I will definetly be writing more about this tomorrow.

And tomorrow is my PRIMERA dia del trabajo en la pasteria! I think that means bakery :) I start working at BlueDogBakery TOmORROw! After chronic unemployment...and I am already planning vacation.

Ok well this sand filled shore is exhausted from a LONG day. my love is exhausted and words are feeling more foreign with each digit hitting the keyboard.

All is well, prAise JeSus, and I am definetly beginning to feel like maybe this is where I should be. My new mantra is "You are growing beautifull and you must nuture yourself" I have been having such a difficult time trying to give myself the right environment to grow, that I haven't been LiViNG in the place where I've been planted. I'm right where i need to be.

Just like you all.
Jud said this last night and I loved it..."You must have a healthy sense of self before you can transcend that..." Look at yourself tonight and remind yourself what a healthy, vibrant, intelligent, LOVELY human being you are...despite all of your flaws. that is your beautiful truth.
GooDniGHT. ChauFasssssss

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