11 October 2006

you're killing me

deep sigh. i started taking drawing classes again tonight. with my grandmother, who p.s. is phenominal. the teacher/instructor is also phenominal, both in spirit and in instruction, so i stood there with stomach cramps and a huge lump of tears in my throat. could someone who is scientifically enlightened please explain to me why when i want to cry but i don't i get a big lump in my throat? and then could someone else please tell me it's okay to cry? because i wanted to and i couldn't do it...i wanted to so badly. and the instructor kept saying "you're killing me" so sarcastically and i wanted to sob and say, "well i am already dead!"

that was a bad story. but you have to start somewhere with these blogs.
seeds of hope.
being planted continuously in my life.
you watch.
i will grow.

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