18 May 2007

if there was a memorable moment to my day

so i sometimes wake up and think "i can't wait to get into bed tonight." that's lame, i know. but honestly, i wake up exhausted some days (and i get sufficient sleep, believe me). i am incredibly blessed though, because the place that i work invigorates me. even amidst negativity and bi-polar personalities, i am somehow able to soar above these grey clouds and i find a way to gain energy from little towers that direct my day. so i leave work 9 hours later, and deal with things i don't want to deal with (aka: car problems), then i find the energy to walk up to st matthews to get dinner. so, if there was a memorable moment to my day, it was this burst of energy.

energy. it is something within that i cannot describe---the way work should make me crash but in fact i soar, and that momentum that pushes me up cherokee hill in the midst of a hard run, i don't understand energy all the time, but i know it is powerful and mighty and gentle and fluid. it exists at a rate that is not threatening, but life-giving. strange how present and yet how hidden energy is, for within me i could find no tangible amount of motivation to go, do, be today. but from the whole of life that exists (whether i summon it to be or not), alive i am.

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