13 May 2007

do you ever have those moments when you just want to sit outside all day long?
well today, sun day, was the most beautiful day i've experienced since last sunday.
there is something completely invigorating about not doing anything at all.
i take my blanket to cherokee park and i lay there,
with sunshine penetrating my every pore,
and i pretend that i am a sponge,
soaking up every ray,
letting it collect in my deepest parts.

and it feels dangerous,
letting that much light inside of all my dark places,
but it makes me feel alive.
i was reading annie dilliard and renita j. weems and i was thinking,
what if i could be that kind of woman?
what if you read about moments so mundane
but because of the way i told my story,
you woke up?

to sunshine in abundance.
to new experiences that shake you.
and break your molds (that didn't fit anymore anyhow).
to longing and loving and living.

so now it's late.
and i have an early morning date.
in the sunshine.
how lovely.

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