03 June 2007


i have always had this obsession with hands.
one of the first things i notice about people are their hands. maybe they tell a lot more about people than we think. i don't like to put my hands in dirty things. this week that became an issue because a part of my necklace was lost, got sucked up in the vaccum, then my precious boss sought it out of the discusting vaccum bag for me because i didn't want to touch it. but i will pop a zit on your back for you anyday, i swear. i mean, seriously, who are we and what do we do with our hands.

in ecuador, about a year ago, i was traveling with my dear friend EA, who noticed that i was attracted to the art of Oswaldo Guayasamin, and i think that she was cognicent of the fact that this obsession started with his poignant use of hands. i bought an antique ring in EC that manifested this obsession, and to this day it is one of my most valued pieces, i think it is more than just a piece of material for me, it is a reminder of the amazing treasure that is given to us each day: life. and what we chose to do with it is the only responsibility that we have for every moment that passes. we use our hands to touch one another. to write in journals and on greeting cards. to build and to tear down. to serve and to protect. i use my hands to wash dishes and dress my body and put my hair in a ponytail. i am thankful for my hands.

"hands once bound in slavery are now challenged to be open & free & loved." ashley seaman

i have this idea though, that i have yet to really use them to bring justice and peace into the world. the kids at my church scrapped up every penny they could find this week so that they could raise money for Heffer International. after about 30 kids finding every coin and dollar within reach, they raised enough money to buy a cow and a fish. that is an amazing accomplish ment. those same hands learn to how to sign and sing a new song about coming to table---how EVERYONE is called to God's table. and they prayed with those hands, over the ways God is tugging at their hearts, calling them to use their hands in new ways...

and i wonder, how can i use my hands this week? what comfort or service or assistance can i use my hands for? i pray with them open, all ten fingers sprawled out before the amazing throne of the Lord, calling for blessings given and received through the tiny person that i am. and my greatest prayer is that they would be used for new and humble tasks this week. maybe digging through the vaccum bag for someone else.

"give thanks for the hand of God that reaches through your hands." ashley seaman

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