05 June 2007

say hello part dos

ok so i totally did what i just wrote an entire post about. i drove past a "friend" this evening, and we clearly made eye contact. it took me by such surprise that i didn't wave, i didn't even acknowledge the other with an expression of the face or mouth or eyes. nothing. how extremely awkward. all i would have had to do is wave, but i think i was experiencing a shock wave, or a wave of emotions and old associations, or something. it was a moment in life when time seems to slow down dangerously, and in that instant when you notice the change of pace, you wonder to yourself, "am i going to fast? or are they are going too slow?"

well i will tell you what.
i was just trying to get the hell out of there.
and i didn't even know it.
ain't no need to say hello if that's not what you want to say.
my parents taught me: "if you don't have something nice to say..."

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