05 June 2007

say hello

ok so i totally work in the service industry. i can deal with that. but what i cannot deal with is people who do not acknowledge your life. just freaking say hello. today i walked up to greet a duo of women and before i could even say hello this woman looks up at me, like i'm a walking-freaking-chalkboard of the daily specials and says "whats the soup?" i paused, almost threwup in my mouth, and proceeded with my generous, "hellloooooooo." i hope she saw my suprise at her indignity.

now to me, saying hello, or not saying hello in this case is a humane behavior, acknowledging the other human on the most minimal level. and i think of the comparison between myself who is faced with this "indignity" (that was a strong word, wasn't it?), and people in other parts of this globe who see guns and who get orders shouted at them and who cannot hear anything at all and are constantly belittled. what is it that the power of communication so ineffectively pursues? connecting all of us crazy people, i suppose that is the goal of communication. but some of us, such as i, feel that we merit such wonderful communication that it "SHOULD" be done the way i do it. this is a crazy thought in and of itself. so let's be honest: of course, say hello, but if you don't, be humane. whatever it takes for you to meet the other people in your life with love and openness and courage, be that. and when you cannot, just say hello. that is all that i am asking.

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