21 June 2007

sweat dripping down my face

i would like to take a moment and thank you for talking to me even when i have sweat dripping down my face. i am so completely full of pores, toxins are emitted from my every pore during any point of the day, and i love people who love people despite their plethora of imperfections. thank you for loving me.

today, at work, bobby & josh scrubbed and mopped with us. i couldn't believe it. it shook my bones to accept their generous assistance. i didn't know what to do. i just stepped around in circles, watching those lanky arms scrub harder than i have ever seen before---and the generosity sat me on my heels, i mean honestly, i was stumbling around like i had no toes to balance my body. i was so so so so thankful. it wasn't because i didn't want to do it, i wouldn't have minded at all, its just that their gesture was so generous. and their time is precious (or at least that's the sentiment I perceive from them), so to stop and take ten minutes to help me (even indirectly) was this abundant blessing. thank you, thank you, thank you.

i finally cleaned up my desk. i did this rather than run because i need a day of rest. or because i wanted to. i love taking off all of my work clothes and sitting around my room in loose clothing (or none at all). i am always most productive when i have these precious moments to regain control of the many strands of thread that make up my life.

guess what: (three things, actually)
1. ERIN AUTIN returns to the States today! Hoo-FreAkiNG-RAy! i am so pumped to have her around constantly!!!!! (i wish she was moving to KY)
2. I finally got to watch Volver. I'm not thru with it yet, I still have one hour of the movie left, but so far, so very very good. Almodóvar is amazing. ¡Viva Almodóvar!
3. Julie and I went to Bargain Barn today (you wish you could be me on these days), and I found the best gift at the book section: "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. I have wanted this book since Melanie showed it to me, when I then remembered a quote I'd read and become infatuated with in the spring of 2006, and then it showed up on Renita J. Weems "to read" list and now, it's in my hands. And it was only one dollar. and I purchased it from a local shop. I mean, that's beautiful news. I will keep you posted on it's wonder. (I hope it is full of wonder)

until then...

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