07 June 2007

traitor is right

one of my friends just sent me an email that consisted of photos of "10 women drivers" and shows us how we can avoid looking like idiots and being made fun of... in 6 of the 10 photos the driver is indistinguishable, and it's just assumed that the person who made such a stupid mistake is a woman. in photo # 7, the cheesy, bold font reads: "YES! IT'S A WOMAN!" i am livid. but you know what, my momma said, chose your battles, and this is one i don't even want to fight (think of how much trash and tragedy is constantly attacking us when we use the internet). unfortunately, my friend who forwarded it to be is a) a woman and b) not the world's best driver. but the worst part to me about all of this is the words in the subject line from her email: "FW: The Top 10 Contestants For The 2006 Women Drivers Award O.K.--so I'm a traitor to my fellow gals. Couldn't resist"

think about this statement. USE YOUR HEAD, take off the rose-tinted glasses, and read this statement, then consider the content to follow. first of all, the creator of this wonderful forward makes the assumption that women are being rewarded for this kind of behavior. what an epidemic: confusing women and their mistakes as a reflection of their inherent nature. seco
nd: that a woman could thoughtlessly pass along such ridicule and pass it off with saying "so i'm a traitor to my fellow gals. couldn't resist" kills me. really, it kills me. i want to write in bold letters: CARE. know that with these subliminal messages you are only AFFIRMING the stereotypes that already exist. don't just brush it off, really, please just care a little bit, and see what caring just a little bit will do.

i almost replied to this lovely fwd. with this:
traitor is right.
you just threw your own kind under the bus.
i wonder:
if the creator of this email is a man or a woman?
what kinds of messages we pick up from viewing things like this?
whether those messages are full of truth or lies?

and you know what, why shouldn't i say that?
those are truthful observations, and i hope that by saying them it makes her think next time before a) she sends something like this or b) she writes it off. you know what? maybe she is bored at work, and maybe she wants to send forwards, but next time send ones that BUILD women up. don't tear us down. we have a terrible enough reputation as it is. see italicized above.

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