09 July 2007

oh i'm nervous!

i get these splottchy splotches on my chest when i get nervous... i just looked down at myself, in this cute dress, getting ready for a fab dinner with the bosses, and i realized a truth: "oh i'm nervous!"

tonight is a night of my adulthood. and i have LONG hair. and i am wearing it down. so take me seriously world, but don't forget this one important tidbit of information: i am just a child.

i get excited at little girls with pigtails and swimmies and triangle top bikini's. you know why? because i wish i had carried the courage i had as a child into my adolescent and adult years. being an adult is really just like letting fear clone inside of your mind. i have no reason to be scared, but i think that my intelligence and my beauty and my talent and my wisdom and my spirit scares me.

i think i am afraid i will overwhelm others. but by just living out who i am, i am really trying to do but one thing: affirm who each of you are. so don't praise me. praise the Spirit that created me. and praise that same Spirit that created you. and live a life of praise. and walk with me while we gather stones and build lives out of who we are. and let all that fear crumble and shudder our fortress, but let us never fall.

let us live on in all our glory and wonder.

let us live as we were created to be.

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