13 August 2007

call ME stupid

i have a second toe that is longer than most people's pinky fingers. (and it's crooked)
my favorite body part on most people is their hands.
if you gave me a quarter for how many people tell me they love my hair, i'd be LOADED.
black licorice is one of my very favorite treats.
i dream about traveling around the globe, frequently.
but i live in louisville, kentucky.
my favorite way to communicate is through postal mail.
call me stupid, but i never understand how to use the phrase: touché.
i wish i did! i think it sounds so cool when people say that.
on my to do list: resin the champagne bottle tops i collect.
not on my to do list: get married.
latest musical obsession: eve.
latest other obsession: shopping for shoes on ebay.
i can't wait for the lives of others to be on DVD.
"i want a wild, roving, vagabond life, I always want to do something daring and spirited; you will certainly repent if you keep me tied up." [isabel.arundell]

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