26 August 2007


i just got home from baxter avenue theatres, where i indulged in the rare but succulent occasion of seeing a movie sola. but let's go beyond that fun fact and the pretzels and diet coke, although there could be much said concerning such things. let's talk about this film: "once."

now it recalled many fresh memories for me, some dusty, actually, and overly attended too, at that. as if with the recall my immediate emotion was to be secure in my defense. i had whirling thoughts about dates taking place surrounding musical events, movies, moments. i couldn't leave the raw bloody beauty of using words intentionally. i was stupified by the use of simplicity. i argued with the critics all around me as we exited cinema 1 and they moaned, "well i didn't not like it, but i sure couldn't understand most of it."

and i wonder, were they listening? because it broke and scoured and put sutures in my heart. and the music lifted me, above, higher and higher until those melodies had moved me entirely. needless to say, i enjoyed the film, immensely, and to my dear friend alex lee, who suggested it to me, i agree. this is the most magical film i've seen in some time.

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