26 August 2007


oK. so too much tequiLa. not enough JuaN. just the perfect amount of noise to be too loud for others to hear, not loud enough for our conversation to be thwarted. perfect virginal acknowledgement. "give me something good" joe purdy

no really my head is throbbing now. i mean really, really throbbing. not because of the tequila. but more because i'm exhausted. i have dark circles under my eyes. i only want to be in the sunlight. i only want to be in good company. in a dark, cold movie theater, maybe holding hands, just content to be right there. i wish people were respectful------to other people especially, maybe to me.

i save old movie tickets. i started reading Joseph Campbell this morning. i keep a book of books i've read. i can't believe that the pens i bought this week only have black ink, i thought they were metallic! i'm certain i could learn a thing or two this week. i'm even more certain that i could learn something right now. i'm rambling, really, shut up stephanie.

this is the last quote i wrote in my quote book, in boring black ink:
"You may feel squeamish about receiving. Maybe this is old baggage, but it won't go away by itesel. Someone would like to cherish you." renita j. weems, whose blog i read everyday. i cherish her.

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Erin said...

"not enough juan" hahaha! i love it