23 September 2007

give of yourself

give. of. yourself.
what does that mean? and what does that mean for you? i love buying a coffee for my friends. i love margaritas and open conversation. i love behaving rediculously in the company of those who love you, no matter what. i love scratching other peoples backs and arms; giving them the ever so gentle reminder of touch...and of their presence as being one that is valued and important. i love dreaming and pretending not to hear my alarm clock and waking up to my best friend whispering from the other room "stephhhhhhhhh."

what does all of this have to do with giving of yourself?
well i came to a realization recently. unfortunate events happen to eVeRyOne. we are not alone in celebration or pain. however, we chose how we will behave accordingly...and when i say give.of.youself. what i mean is, share your voice. your pain. your honest self. your truth. and let me know what is on your heart, your mind, your bodies agenda. do you need to be reminded that you are part of the entire fabric of humanity, or are you kenly aware of your pattern and how valuable your "true colors" are? this realization is always being awakened in me, and it was most recently through the means of handicapped people. physically handicapped. i am talking about only having one leg but still wearing the cutest khaki shirt and the biggest smile and freshest face. i am talking about being paralysed from the waist down but still investing in a personal trainer. i am talking asking a woman to open the door for you, an older man in a wheelchair. i am talking about humility and asking for what you need. or giving people your most vulnerable self, and trusting that they won't reject you.

and when they accept you, allowing them to do so unconditionally.
and when they hurt you, moving forward, onward, wiser for it.
and when they help you, thanking them, blessing them.
and when you do this, and more, and even more, and even more than you thought possible,
as you give and give and give, i pray with hopefulness and thanksgiving that you will grow as a human being.
one who is.
you are who you are, and you were created to be that way.
i love that about you.

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