25 September 2007


so i woke up at noon today. but i read and read and read inspiration upon inspiration last night.
and i had a full and exciting day.
i am thankful for the left side of my body and my brother having blood pumping through his veins and my hysterical grandma nina. i will name my girl child after her if i ever have one.
i received an email today with changing, moving, stretching words. it was courageously composed by my sweetest, adventurous friend kate. she is gold.
bell hooks is read-worthy, my friends. the latest: "men and woman who want to know love will find us, and we will find them."
oh and the current chapter: the search for men who love. i am excited.
starting my fitness log today----seeing "two days in paris" tomorrow----getting the chance to live everyday.


oh! a quote to move you all!

"Hey you,
begin again
again again you'll see
it's easy begin again." grace.paley

1 comment:

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