22 October 2007

10 letters, 1 bill

dear friends and family,
i would just like for you to know a few things about me. today, this rainy (glorious!), gray, falling leaves, quiet, ambiguious fall day, i am sending 10 letter and 1 bill by postal mail. many, i mean MANY, of you will be on the receiving end of my interests. jane buchanan is receiving perhaps the most well-composed of the bunch. she is my long-distance therapist, you see. I pay her per word. I write her, she promises to read my letter, and I include a check approapriately scribed with an amount that matches the word count. Aside from the already 81ç i am spending to put a stamp on this beast of a letter, i sware i am sending a $51.87 check along with it too. And her fees are cheap. At 2ç per word, that's a lot of freaking writing. I'm just kidding. But she is getting the best letter in the pile.

make that 12 letters... i just made two more in the midst of writing this little blog piece. oh and by the way, i made 8 cards yesterday too, and they are just sitting in this drawer... waiting to be discovered.

oh and the one bill: amex. but that's secondary.

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