01 October 2007


tonight: i'm really calling out to Jesus to make clear the way. i can't help but feel that these are the days that we call into being all those places inside of us that we long to heal, enhance, recreate, externalize, give to others!

i had a few revelations during my holiday, most of which involve these truthes:
+ i must begin to incorporate the aspects of change that i desire
+ i am personally responsible for my well-being (and therefore, my happiness)
+ i can trust that i have everything within me in order to be successful and to follow my biggest, craziest, wildest and most absurd dreams
+ i have the power to choose!

now you're probably thinking, "she's crazy," but i say these things because i see places where i need to coach myself more positively, i need to slough off the dead and make room for the new, i need to practice love, love, loving people, i need to chose my own life----i am not stuck serving some fake power----i get to be LIBERATED in christ, and i know so deeply that i am well from within...

i simPly hAve to LiVe that OUt!

so these are my thoughts, and my prayer is that these changes will begin to occur because i chose to participate in the whole of creation in NeW and MeAnINgFUL ways that i've not tried before.

i am always open to your ideas, encouragements, wisdom, and sharing. and of course, again, i would ask your prayers over my place, my location, these changes, and my self------ knowing i have so much good to give others makes me want to be better to my self!

this is just the beginning, ashferd!
cant wait for the journey ahead!
love love love
p.s. wrote up my 6 month goals and STARTED my workout log----a copy of them will be in the mail to you SOON!

(an email to hepburn reformatted to tell my story. that's legal, right?)

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