25 October 2007

the past twenty four spontaneous hours

in the past twenty four spontaneous hours, i have learned so much about who i am, what i am experiencing, what it sounds like and more importantly, feels like, to have a heart that beats and pumps and shivers and melts. i offered the universe a twelve minute limit on getting me out of the house last night, and in that short time came calling wonderful social hysterical company. and lack of sleep, but two a.m. means nothing to your body and your weary eyes when you spend the time in the presence of people who intrigue and inspire you. and then meaningful work, meditative and mundane, walking for people who lack limbs, greeting downcast and cold hearts with warmth, lighting a room with small gestures; that is life. giving yourself freedom to play, to ask for what you need (in my case: conditioner, or as my madre calls it "cream rinse"), to go after that which seems impossible but is just the opposite. to ask a friend to go along with you, and then to follow them in their spontaneity. in my case, that so happened to be le relais, and i would never complain if you placed champagne and gloriously prepared food before me. unless, you see i was in the presence of poor company. then i would have to excuse myself, because, as you can tell, the past twenty four spontaneous hours have proved life's meaningful existence and purpose to me: great passion, great people, great presence. these wonderful things go hand in hand. walk with me...

"and if you don't recognize my presence, i am here." (jill scott)

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Erin said...

my mom calls conditioner "cream rinse" too, haha

glad you had a good 24 hours