02 October 2007

tell people that you love them

tell them that you love them.
whatever it is about them.
whoever they are.
take the moment!

an inspiration: the life of louise doire

dear doire,
so facebook tells me its your birthday and that makes me incredibly joyful.

i can't imagine what my life would be without yours having been. your wisdom and courage and leadership drove me to pedal along paths i'd never even imagined. they lead to peculiar lands, but your encouraging spirit sang "keep gOinG," and i did, and you kept going too. when i saw you ahead, you were there JOyFUL, twirling in those skirts and cowboy boots and homemade pieces that shouted out that you knew how to love you and love others. and your mind, your incredible mind, adventured through places unknown to me, you took hold of old stories that had taken on new meaning, and i watched you desperately, knowing that your challenges lead me to rip the metal curtain that i'd hung, so securely, sure that i was going to be safe if i didn't see beyond it. oh! beyond it, i discovered, is an entirely new place, more full and abundant than i've ever expected. these places i've gone, the experiences i've had, the stories i've heard and shared and retold with the new meanings they carry, the stretching i've encountered....many of them are a direct product of my time with've brought and encouraged and initiated such glorious things for me! glorious, doire. simply glorious!

yours is truly a life to celebrate!
thank you for sharing yourself so faithfully and so genuinely.
i've loved being a student of not just your classroom, but of your life.
you have been so much to me.

love, love, love to you!
and happy biRthDaY!

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