07 October 2007

what i crave

i am so tired of refusing myself that which i love.
i spend so much time wandering around thinking i'll find life in the midst of those things foreign to my self.
i'm starting to think i should just do what i love and keep pace in that direction.
always work towards that goal.
doing what i love.
seeing who i discover on that path.
why i walked that way.
and maybe, what i crave will nurture and deliver the life i've conceived.
the question is, my actions.
the seldom companionship,
the resistance to invitations,
the often lack of optimism,
the deficit of energy,
the comparison,
the frustration, and in the midst of it all,
that one spark,
that ignites,
the soul within, and sets fire to the curtain that i hide behind.
alas, life.

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