08 November 2007

completely random & utter procrastination.

so much to do, so little focus. i had some thoughts today, so get ready for this.
1st of all: did you hear about what's happening this weekend? ashley hepburn is coming to louisville and we're planning to take the world (ok just the city) by sToRm. this is going to be wonderful wonderful wonderful. prepare yourselves.
2nd: i was allowed the priviledge of watching my boss do pullup on the crown molding at bluedog today. i mean really, in the middle of lunch, bobby starts doing pull ups. absurd and lovely at the same time. i really didn't know what to think.

3rd: the michele and i are hanging out tonight. and i have one million things to get done, did i mention that? but i'm sitting here NOT achieving any of them, and i'm about to go drink wine with her, so we both know i'll especially achieve nothing in an hour. in fact that reminds me, i have some wine i want to try before i go... and jeopardy comes on pretty soon too. did i mention that's my favorite thing on earth, and i'm seriously hoping someone will get me the new jeopardy home DVD game for christmas? time for a plug: (in case you need to find it fast)

love love
p.s. this post is completely random & a tactic of utter procrastination. go do something stephanie. gosh

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