15 November 2007

grandpa's cowboy boots

grandpa's cowboy boots. and making old friends laugh.
and asking for someone, anyone to dance.

that is life.

i was listening to this song today called 'creation lake"
by 'the movies' and i heard this line:

"there are twenty four parts in a day that divides me from you.
twenty four parts in a day that divides me..."

i've written something about these words earlier. but that was then.
and this is now. and when i want to be close to someone, i am.
almost eternally.

exhibit a: my father.

but really. we are all separate entities. we have life inside of our selves,
and despite our common thread, which we could state something basic here like: oh! that we have beating hearts! well, from that perspective, our common thread is still there, but i just have to say this too: think of how much separates us.

like my grandfather probably never looked at me, as this small, rambunctious girl and said to himself: someday her feet will fit these boots perfectly.

and yet they do.

and lauren witt probably never dreamt that i would tell her silly stories, ten years down the road, reminding her of sweet old times and friendships that never fade. if God had told her that, she would have never sent me that first christmas card in 8th grade. that would be way too much commitment for anyone.

and yet she did. i love her for her laughter and her listening and her life.

and for all of you who dance: thank you. move your bodies, so breakable and vulnerable to the eyes of other...well guess what? your rhythm makes me feel mOrE aLiVE. so thanks to you. and for the rest of you, thank you too. you contribute. it's quieter. less obnoxious. more wall-flower like.

and yet you're my inspiration to keep moving.
i see you and stomp my feet and shake my self because i can...
probably in your honor, or maybe my own.

common thread or separate entities: we're all in this together.
so thanks for just being you.

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