04 November 2007

look! look! LooK!

the world is FULL of fascinating things! the past week has been outrageouly inspiring to me. i have been given a full invitation to participate in the community of saints right here in the city of louisville. i have met new people, developed a particularly interesting new method of journaling, exchanged magical little blurbs with the wine shop hombre, delved in libations late at night and courageous positivity at any hour. early on in the week, i drew a signpost in my journal, one of the kind that has arrows on it pointing in all directions, the kind that tell you how far some random town in england is from the exact point that the post is planted. and on the arrows of this signpost (what is the official name for one of these?) i used a magnificent new discovery of artistic medium called transfer type (thank you brooks reitz) to scribe this simple phrase: how did we get here?

there has been something informative and moving about that small drawing for me this week. that began the month of november for me. it was a new day and my flaws were old and the adventure ahead of me was fresh. and i wrote something on the side of my little sketch that said: "so i gotta go. but that is just a perfect explanation for today...and the answer? well, honey, that's in the living..." it's funny what insight having a conversation with yourself holds.

by the way: LOOk aRounD! i sware to you there is something glorious and life changing in your midst, you only have to OPeN youR eYEs (and MayBE your HEaRt, too) and take those palms and turn them UPward and spread each of your ten fingers wide. pray for this very day to creep by, and for all your faithfulness to be put to the test.

p.s. do you like the new look of my bloggy blog? photo compliments of jakob paur, my incredible german friend. location: oxford university. result: glorious.

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