05 November 2007

between buildings and breasts

you should see my desk. i am a creation goddess.

i have been working on playing with new ideas. the way you give a child a new toy and they USE it, that is my new motto. USE what you have. put it to the task, enjoy it and make it into something you visualize. instead of putting projects off, i've been playing with them, often. it's so fun, too...and i'm seriously developing some skills here, people. it's amazing. i just make and make and make and it is this fascinating process... ugh i just love it.

tonights creation came from daily inspiration: my cup of tea per la noche. i've been super intentional recently about buying teabags that have a quote on the string attached to the teabag. the brand "good earth organics" (a new line at whole foods) carries delicious tea and inspiring words attached. the quote on this particular cup was:"there is no remedy for love but to love more." thoreau

wow. that will make you stop dead in your tracks if you're listening. sure, you could keep going but what for? where are you going if it is not a place where you will be able to LOvE more? that is where i want to LIVE. in addition to this inspiration, i've had quite the day. ever since i woke up at 8 am, i've had distracting but fascinating (and certainly strange) visuals i've been creating in my head. this is all a product of the poignant art of frida kahlo. i watched "frida" last night and i admit i've been seeing people with their arteries connected to inanimate objects and clotheslines between buildings and breasts all day long. it's a very absurd experience, but it's personal too: visualizing art based on the normal human experience. i am nothing special, really, in fact i was feeling less than energized all day long. but when your mind is made up that you need to create what you keep imagining, there is nothing to do but let your hands burst open. and what do you get if inside of my open hands you place good pens, some paper tchotchke, a journal and a gluestick on my desk, and maybe some good tunes on the laptop? that's right---a masterpiece.

now really, you and i both know that my work is juvenile.
but on that note, it's liberating and i'm a child.
so what's the big deal?

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