13 December 2007

you only get a little bit

i love sitting down and hooking together words to express thoughts, to express my soul, to express things within that need to go out. you only get a little bit of this (a censored, little bit), but i think it's what i would've written here had it not been part of an email to kate marks...

"...I've been practicing being ENTIRELY present with paul, and not sacrificing experience for expectation. i have felt a curtain within gently begin to tear; we hold the sacred on one side and the profane on another, and i have this longing to unite both of them under the existence & precedence of love. love wins. why do we filter our lives to protect ourselves from what we desire?...

...i am quite naive when it comes to all things eros------ any kate marks advice?

i hope my sharing isn't too much for you
i hope, rather, it connects us somehow.
from my small things to your small things.
between me and you,
many strings,
holding our hearts together,
making frida kahlo so proud,
exchanging blood through those lines,
the real stuff of life.

(p.s. i loved this: carpe that diem hahahaha you are the best kate!)

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