21 January 2008

or do we?

i have always loved this man, his courage, that extraordinary submission to the calling within. i remember when my brothers, sister, & I received our first cd-rom, the 1996 version of Encarta Encyclopedia. the opening tune was this beautiful melange of african lions roaring, airplanes taking off, children singing in global tounges, and most memorably: the unforgettable quiver and resounding call of dr. martin luther king jr: "I have a dream that ONE day..." that is a call i will never forget. a moment that rang the bells deep in my soul, in the substance of who i am, since i was 12, and probably much younger, words that are demanding of our every part have always had a certain power over me. it was a moment to remember, a thrill that i caught myself enjoying too much when i would just put in the cd-rom for THAT moment, rather than research or readily available answers to homework.

we do not forget such moments, such earth-shattering, mind-manipulating, heart-thrusting moments that shake us to our very cores.

or do we?

do we live out that call, that one that supposedly changed the way we treat one another? did we engage in service and desegregation today? did we stand up for the ONEness of all people, or did we continue on in our day, grinding it out to pay bills, make macaroni & cheese, watch american idol. i don't idolize anything american right now, but that's another story for another day.

i didn't do anything differently. i didn't even help anybody with anything today. i think the most generous thing i did all day was rub my grandmothers back for several minutes, and she loved every minute of that. the nicest thing i've done in the recent past is make a birthday card for muhammad ali. paul and i took on that project, and that felt incredibly generous. i hope that he thinks its the greatest. pun certainly intended.

but i wonder, what would life be like if we were letting those moments be our life sustanence? look at dr. king's face, people. he is in jail. he is certainly more aware of his conviction during that single moment then you and i will ever be, but don't let that keep you from pursuing that call within relentlessly. ignore it and it will gnaw at your core eternally. listen and you might find yourself where you never imagined.

but you might change someone's life, too.

or you could change the entire course of humanity, the oneness of our whole existence may be eternally changed if you listened to the call...

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