18 January 2008


that i could take this moment to sit down and refresh.
that i am everything i didn't used to be.
that i love life in a whole new way.
that you never know what is super little and utterly amazing.
that today is a new day.

some horns. some ukulele. some beirut. some things turn me inside out.
"let the seasons begin"

recently i've caught myself saying "i feel outside of myself" frequently.
i don't mean it in a bad way at all. i feel ready to change it up a bit.
do i want to keep pieces of me? of course, i love my self.
but am i ready for some new myths to reign over my existence? yes.
very much so.

i'm ready for some things i've never experienced before (at least not recently).
i'm ready to be:
a bit more spontaneous.
having a super little amount more fun!
responsibly more healthy.
conciously more educated.
significantly more sexual.
hopefully more mature.
definitely more daring.
crazily more selfish.
mutually more edifying.
intentionally more giving.
outlandishly more experimental.
dashingly more handsome.
(okay i just made that up because it sounds good)
awfully more emotional.
a lot more needy.
a bit more responsible.
a bit less responsible.
fully more affectionate.

and most of all: more loved in my horribly unloved parts.

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