20 January 2008

territory never explored.

people say love changes. good things fade. i disagree.

i am more concerned with growth than i am change. everything changes.
that is inevitable. accept it. be so scared of it. but know it will haunt you anyway. i cannot imagine why most are fearful of that--well i can imagine why---

all i'm trying to say it that change isn't so bad.

does it rip out your insides and cause your recreation?

of course.

does it shred your existence as your formerly knew it?


does it make you wail & worry & waste precious life because you are constantly distracted?

without fail.

but are you ready for the day that presents itself to you, with sun so intense and air so cold and blood so thin you feel alive even in your darkest parts?

yes. you most certainly are.

get out of bed.
put your feet on that cold ground.
and move.
"tomorrow we'll screw up our courage, and cross that border. And as you'll see, we will not fall off the edge of the world. We'll just find ourselves in new territory, in territory never explored." ishmael by daniel quinn

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