09 February 2008

listen to us!

it's amazing how little time it takes to change your life.
read on.

yesterday in my perpetual state of boredom i decided to be slightly romantic, reflecting upon some messages that pw & i exchanged back in the fall. that is, november. it's just barely february and we're making jokes, "remember when we were young and in love?" haha, so schmarmy and so precious. i think the following are worth sharing. and i've added a few from the not-so-myspace messages, also known as gmail...

how about a few quotes?

"thanks for combing through the plethora of stephanie's out there to find me. i have no idea how long that took but i am sURe it will have been worth it!"
steph 11.01.07

"that cold makes this cold look absolutely PEDESTRIAN! hmm, i am not always sick...though looking at this conversation it sure seems that way."
paul 11/02/07

"ahhh, ok, i love sundays. i love having NOTHING (absolutely nothing) to do and planning my wHoLe day around myself. i am never selfish with my time during the week, so when i have free days it's somewhat liberating and often delectable."
a radically different stephanie, perhaps one with a job? 11/04/07

"i'm going to go study for our trivial pursuit match."
steph 11/07/07
"for some reason i feel funny sending this through myspace. like it cheapens it or something. just imagine this isnt typing on a screen...but ink on paper. it does seem nicer that way doesnt it? especially nice, as my handwriting is down right intriguing all on it's own." paul, nov 10 2007

"can i try again?"
stephanie 11/22/07

" hi, thank you for the message. i really was suprised to get your text yesterday, and doublely suprised to get this. so suprised that when you sent me that text it didnt show up as being from you, but just your phone number...because i had taken you out of my phone the night before. yes, i am overly dramatic in many ways...i'm kind of a drama queen if you hadnt figured that out yet." paul 11/23/07, a tender response to the lovely beast named stephowich

"why keep them separate when they all go so well together?? hmmm i think that can be my new motto/philosophy for life."
paul, 11/24/07, delighting in nasty leftovers

"can you tell i like quotes? and love letters? and good handwriting? and paper tchotchke? and maybe even a good hot tottie." stepho 11/27/07

"is this clear: i was leaving before i met you. this is my update: i find myself in constant doubt, twisted by each activity & shared encounter. you are a delight in my life."
steph 12/18/07

"My most predominate random thought/wish/daydream of the last 5 minutes...curling up in front a fire place with you for no less than 5 hours. That sounds so wonderful to me! Why dont i have a fireplace??" pw 12/18/07

"i wish you and i had free days in which to find such a thing as a suitable used desk. free days...if you could give me that for christmas, that would be my most prized gift."
paul 12/21/07

"SO i heard it was your birthday.
twenty six?
you're probably sitting there thinking,
"i'm old."
and i'm sitting here thinking,
"shutup, you're great."
and i'm smarter/cooler/prettier, so you have to listen to me.
just kidding. well i'm not kidding about the listening part." stepho 12/30/07

"sometimes i feel like you and i are bending the world in our direction..." pw 01/14/08

i feel like this needed to be published.
it was a little meditation on love and growth for me,
just wonderful.

love you pw

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