04 March 2008

thanks patriarchy.

i am livid.

i am so sick and tired of the obvious degradation of women for the convenience of men and the eternal existence of patriarchy. this globe will keep spinning and men will keep their feet up on women's backs, as they serve as pedestals for their high and mighty projects. what anger emerges inside of me when i see such blatant gender injustice...
the link i've posted (click on the title of this entry) is from a relatively justice-oriented organization, TREEHUGGER, and i'm so disappointed to see that they have further condoned these ads for the toyota prius. (though the writer claims these are "unofficial" ads)

what happens in them is a little roleplay:
women as prostitutes, cheaters, skanks, corpses (though in this case it's sexually ambiguous, it doesn't take a genius to "ASSUME" who the victim might be).

and in the process of all these advertising fun and games, guess what happens again?

the man is perceived as doing something wrong himself, but his excuse: at least he drives a prius.
the man is being hurt by the evil wife, that bitch, taking fruit in the garden, AGAIN.

well guess what.
you GUYS made this up.
and you aren't nearly able enough to fix it, it seems.
otherwise you may have done that, i don't know, 2,000 years ago.
nope, still going on.

thanks patriarchy.
thanks a ton.