19 May 2008

let's play pretend

yells at you for resting and enjoying yourself on Sunday.
"The New York Times isn't worth your TIME." I want to argue back, but I put my little head down and get right into the mental line. Leaving me at the end of the day with a headache, a shoulder ache, a (self-induced) heartache, and the ache list could go on. but why? so what: it's just an ache or seven. they will go away soon enough. but...
it's raining, again.
back on a budget, again.
microsoft excel training, again.
a blank canvas, again.

let's play pretend.

my sunday self, says:
pretend all you want.
wear that pretty green dress.
play a little bit (always).

my monday self disagrees.

well guess what Monday,
i don't care what you say.

i say:
let's pretend the whole week is sunday.
let's make that true.

1 comment:

Paul said...

together we can beat back monday and every day will be sunday! hooray sunday! seriously, dont feel bad for having one lazy work hard...even without a "real job"!