12 May 2008


yes, my dear, that is I. in case you were wondering, I have recently become absolutely obsessed with big dresses, high hair, and breasts flowing out of bustiers.

this is a culmination of things. i shall list them for you.
a) paul & i have been watching the series "the Tudors." it's not great, but it's addictive. the sex is entirely too aggressive. the men are entirely too egotistical. the women don't have enough voice.
b) there is talk in my household about drinking too much champagne and watching sofia coppola's version of the tale. i vote YES.

c) AND FINALLY, most of the time i say things like "yeah right, bathing suit season." but this year----well let's not go into it. let's just say that this year i caught myself saying "omg, give me a bikini body RIGHT NOW so that i can wear this":

marie antoinette bikini

please, god? please please please. i swear i'll beg. all i ask for is paler skin, bigger hair (maybe with a bird in it) and an exquisite piece of jewelery. maybe some champagne, too, if you're feeling extra generous.