09 May 2008

pleasure $0.00

i bought this swanky hobo wallet a year ago---the money i spent on it virtually broke the seams of my current wallet, but i needed it, i loved it. i have health insurance, my doctor is like a mother to me, but let me tell you, don't let doctor's send you to specialists without knowing what your benefits/deductibles are. gas at chevron (which my brother claims is the best) is 20รง more than gas at thorton's. stamps are going up another penny---again. a sunergos cappucino is even going to cost you more. cha-ching. cha-ching. cha-ching. my point is this: somebody is going to make you pay.

so i have a theme for my entry today: free pleasures. and by free i mean that somebody somewhere is paying for them, and you need to be thankful, because the Man knows that you're susceptible to thinking it's free, so he'll hound your pocketbook in other ways. don't you worry. just soak up the freedom as much as you can for now, pull out your checkbook later.

free pleasure #1: missed connections on i tell you what, these are the guiltiest & funniest things around.

free pleasure #2: jefferson memorial forest it will certainly cost you to get there, but pack a picnic and hit the trails (oh and be sure to thank mitch mcconnell & not the taxpayers)

free pleasure #3: blogs & podcasts. though i seek the former, i know lots of people get their kicks out of the latter, so hooray for us both.

free pleasure #4: google artists themes for your igoogle homepage. i don't own a diane von furstenburg dress, but what a decadent artist theme she provides me at no cost.

free pleasure #5: house/dog sitting. sleeping in someone else's freshly made bed is like a trip to heaven.

free pleasure #6: ok, i know we all have one million cookbooks on the shelf, but its nice to have a search feature and find EXACTLY what you're looking for. inspiration. ingredients in the form of a list. easy. Tonight's dinner...

free pleasure #7: fresh air. sleeping dogs. sunshine. life.

don't get disappointed, even when things are hard or seem outrageous. there is so much to be thankful for.

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