04 May 2008

scanning delight!

oh joy! i was so blessed today with the gift of a scanner/printer combo.
my grandmother is the most tech-savvy lady over the age of 70.
she wouldn't let me just get a scanner----she talked me into the combo,
and then treated me to it...
how blessed, blessed, blessed.

now what will become of me?
i feel that i keep asking myself:
how do i share these delights with the world?
now that i have the means...

just a peak.

exhibit A. i'm somewhat obsessed with this piece.

exhibit B. i'm reminded of each of my daring, growing, seeking friends when i see this. it holds a small piece of each of them in the paint.

exhibit C. part of a sink that i secretly want to share with the man that i love.

wonder. wonder. wonderFULL.

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