26 June 2008

back in KY and we don't have any luggage.
BUT we have love in tow...
love&support&a companion you never dreamed possible...
right next to me the whole way "home"

and by "home" i mean: this impermanent place we spend our lives...
waking up to the mystery & blessing that each day holds,
falling asleep each night, thankful for the challenges & the magic
and asking for what we (think) we need tomorrow.

but it is still life.
-i saw sunsets every night this week with pw. people: stop. go see the sunset. live.
-caroline tabb is now officially a riley and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with her and chris!! lucky, lucky, we are all so lucky!
-i got an email from kate marks ( telling me about her new&renewed life in paris via her blog.
-i got to see ashley hepburn this weekend----->über blessing----->über bonus: she was paul's date to my sister's wedding :)

-my mother & daddy dave are two of the greatest people i have ever met. they are crazy & so kind. i adore them.
-time spent by the shore and by the pool is restorative & exciting. my favorite time of day is 4pm. enough said.

-little brothers-turned-young-men---pREciouS pEopLE they are becoming.

- piggy back rides & a sun-kissed face. we need these things to survive.

back to life we go.
now, the question is: how do we continue the enthusiasm and the joy?
we just do. we take moments out of our everyday (busy) lives and LOVE THEM.
choose those moments, meditate on them in the office, in the car, while listening to your morning mix on the subway.

this is your one precious life. how will you spend it?

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Paul said...

we need frames for these...and a mantle to put them on...quickly!