05 June 2008

unarmed truth & unconditional love

i need words that matter today. i need some kind of resolve. i have been thrown in the washer and hung out to dry. won't somebody, somebody come take me off the line???
i've got some thinking/writing/painting/story telling to do. i'm a little off kilter these days, trying anything to get something, wishing all along for something great, believing (but only half-heartedly) that i even deserve anything more great than i've got. i've got great in a lot of ways, but i need something----don't we always need something?

what about: unarmed truth and unconditional love?

will that do?

do i really know love where i am today? have i grabbed my calendar today and said: it's the only june 5, 2008 eVER, how will I makE this daY amaZinG??

well i started with a little checking of the to-do list, and i've continued by exploring new career options, considering the ones i'm most interested in, and making some strides in a hope*ful and new direction. how can i achieve what i want to achieve? unarmed truth & unconditional love.

maybe for some time i've been armed.
i've certainly been conditional.
maybe it is time for neither.
maybe it is time.

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