14 June 2008

withered, inspired, favored.

has the heat withered you?

you were once the most beautiful piece of organic potential.
you were once vibrant & bright & hydrated.
and now, you are: dry. destitute. withered.

what will refresh your dry spirit?
what will quench your thirsty soul?
what shall we do?

get inspiration from all around.
a song. a book. poetry. a muffin.
an exhilarating bike ride.
a customer service rep named stephanie.
a sweet, long kiss from a bearded man.

you will now longer wilt and shrivel up under the heat of this world,
you will grow, flourish, rise up.
you are favored by all of creation.

and now about me. (or should i say about us?)

here is my list of favorites from the week:
favorite find: the miniature carrot featured here, found in our CSA share this week.
favorite gift: a new set of wonderful watercolors from my grandmother
favorite project: father's day 2008 cards (of which i made four)
favorite conversation: toss-up between ea,hepburn, & grandma carlton
favorite meal: a finely prepared blend of kale & mushrooms
favorite cd: m. ward's "post war"
favorite quote: "you're gonna need my help sweetheart, you can't make LOVE all by yourself" (bob dylan)

that bob dylan sums it up for me every time.
thank you world for reminding me of our interconnectedness to one another.
thank you lovely people in my life for your constant support.
thank you for provision, blessings, hydration, inspiration, favor.
thank you.

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