06 July 2008


lucky curtain (somewhere in between)
2007, Darlene Cole
oil on canvas

just getting started today, around 1, after lazying around all morning

around 9, i woke up in a red curtain myself, smothered with warmth & una manta de plumes...
my bearded boyfriend made me a delicious cup of jackson's and an omelette.
then i wrote jackson's a thank you note for making mornings delightful. (if you haven't tried jackson's coffee, you should)

finally thought of a caption for card from day 5; wondered when that would happen and it has. it always does.

won't be scanning in these cards, but attempting to file them until i get back to my beloved scanner.

today i'm housesitting but i refuse to just sit around the house.

i'm about to go out and clean my car. old faithful. ash referred to my car as the "old jeep" the other day, and it made me laugh. it IS old, but it still reminds me of my youth & my life of adventure. that automobile has taken me so far. when i got to Louisville, it just hit the 175k mileage mark. this week it should hit 190k. 15k miles here in the Lou, that's impressive, and to think: some days i feel like i've gone no where at all.

i'm hoping to have julia over to make a late lunch or dinner and catchup. i've got my watercolors here too, and i have been thinking recently that she might be a good person to get a lesson from about painting faces. she is such a talented individual. she is the most sincere and soft of ladies. that would be a welcomed joy to have her over.

also, my sweet little friends harriet & eleanor are holding the apple of my eye. i'm hoping to take them to see the new American girl movie, kit kittredge. please please please!

additionally, and maybe before it all, i am hoping to watch federer beat nadal. sorry spain, but you already have one thing to celebrate this month. let's be honest (EA can/will back me up on this one): when you're in spain, you aLwaYs think you have something to celebrate. so jesus died, that doesn't give you a real reason to get drunk anywhere in the world unless you're in espaƱa.

go, federer, go.

also: about the between. really hoping to hear from the pc(usa) this week about the YAI position. trying to place my entire mind in a positive space, believe the impossible, ask for what will give me some strength & confidence & a learning experience or twenty seven. also attempting to think big, believe bigger, & behave gracefully in the midst of it all. feeling confident and cowardly and everything in between.

as always, i welcome your thoughts.inspirations.comments concerning these topics & beyond. i love the feedback, the challenges, the response.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet girl. I haven't checked in lately, but I will regularly now.

So sweet and amazing. I'm happy to know you are happy with pw and learning through love to your love yourself.

your creativity grows as you grow, and it's always been amazing.

love you much.