10 July 2008

save yourself and others: buy goods.

don't keep junk.

ok, everyone, please listen.

i have something to say: stop buying crap. buy goods. the crap will end up in shoved in some box someday. you won't even give a crap about that box. that box will be crap.

save pictures. save your top fifteen pieces of art work. sell the rest. give it away. send that ugly bridesmaid dress to your 15 yr old cousin. buy one nice suit. have 7 dress shirts you take really good care of. buy handmade goods, and when you're done with them recycle them. not in a plastic box you put on the curb; get a bit more creative. reinvent them, yard sale them, mail them to a friend. do something with them

your life will look like that(SEE ABOVE) and you will spend your years cleaning up after yourself. your old stuff will mostly likely end up in a dump somewhere, someday, in somebody else's backyard. you won't have to see them or smell they as they decay, but somebody will. and they won't like it.

and i won't like it either.

stop buying stuff. buy goods. use them well. then reuse them. then give them to somebody who will use them when you won't.

start expecting lots of goods to end up in your mailbox.

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Quiana said...

Good for people to know.