19 July 2008

a celebration!

-the way people in the Lou celebrate one another

-a "postcard" style

-my attempt at a birthday card. (it's actually my secret lusting for a 24th birthday party that involves a piƱata & the gordita trailer)

This weekend I celebrate two amazing women: the lovely miss hallie carolyn & the magnificent alexandra wei-ming.
the pores of these women seep with beauty in the realest of forms.
should we be living the same city, i would pull up in front of their houses on my schwinn and serenade them from their thrones, down to the street. then, i would give them a headdress of sorts, adorned in feathers and gems, and i would ask only this one joy: to be in their presence for the day. to celebrate with them their truly wonderful lives.

my love, my energy, my spirit will partake in this all day.
my body, though, will be far from it.

i do hope my day involves a blue schwinn, some art, and a celebration.
thank you for this day, these women, materials for making, and the JOY of all creation.

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