03 July 2008

day 5, making history

wow, good day
and i'm about to get on my bike & meet a sweet friend for a walk.

i finished my canvas today, and as soon as it's dry, i will post a pic of it(because the scan didn't work. any advice?)...

here is my card for today. can anyone tell i am hoping to find a maison someday soon?

1. having a friend who lives in paris & reminds me that life is worth living.
2. etsy is a bit more of a possibility now---thanks alex lee.
Alexandra: LOVEly
have you considered opening an account at etsy and selling your cards babe?
they are gorgeous
me: yess---i am just too much of a wuss
Alexandra: DO IT!!!!!!!!!
you have to do it
you're no wuss
you're stephane alaine tabb

3. 4th of july plan involves bikes, ribs, and a historic celebration

let's make history

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