08 July 2008

the earth.

i missed jeopardy tonight. i had to wash the vegetables, thank you csa...

this theraputic experience led me to take a step back from my anxiety---the earth is not crashing down on me. sure i have nothing i have to do tomorrow, but i have $10 in my wallet and that will allow me and my honey to go to tom sawyer state park. i guess i have the rest of my life to work.

in our box this week:we got beets & cabbage & kale & garlic (FRESH) & red potatoes & leeks & squash & two beautiful sunflowers.

the earth will not let you go. the earth will hold on to you, nourish you and grow you and change your plan for yourself. the earth will rain on you, drench you in sunshine, bury you in dirt, then cleanse you again with its pure showers. the earth will grow you.

thank you field day family farm and thank you earth. even on days when i don't trust you, i can.

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