07 July 2008

leap fearlessly

today there is a mighty wind that blows me between faith & doubt...and in the midst of all the unknown, there is a place settled deep inside, where whispers of meaningful words fill my midst and the self is quieted.

chugging along, trudging through the muddy waters of self, i find a little light.
oh! the way the heart palpates when you see a package on your doorstep!

thank you kelly rae roberts for this reminder: leap fearlessly

this is a small gratitude gesture to you, and to you, for all that you do to remind me to continue on.

i received a beautiful print of her piece, leap fearlessly, as a gesture of her kindness and goodness and just plain sweetness. it is beautiful and i will treasure it. have a look.

then, once you've had a look, take a peak at the rest of her beautiful work.

many thanks...
and to you,
please come travel through my home and see it in person. travel through my life and stir the places the are dormant. travel through my spirit and wake it up. travel through, travel with me.

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