19 July 2008

steven's & steven's, FOREVER

this week's business appreciate letter is being sent to:'S & STEVEN'S DELI

this absolutely amazing deli is run by Mark & Susan.
they pour their hearts into this place, and as soon as you can find a parking space, you get the treat of a consistently amazing lunch. (and a fun newsletter to read if you're there solo)

paul is working so it's being sent by me this week---
but in his honor, i will say he met me there for lunch this week and the choice was a mutual. also, he sent haggen daz an online appreciation letter without me (which also means he may be getting loads of ice cream without me).

below is the note (both sides)& envelope.

p.s. mark stevens is my mom's best friend's brother. no seriously, how weird is THAT?

1 comment:

Paul said... mention of any family connection...nothing! how did they get that phone number?? what a mystery!