31 July 2008

two things.

ok, two things:
1. ETSY: heartpiercingcards the first week of my future :)

2.What Highly Creative Women Know, Part 1 (By Renita J Weems)
my response: I'm just now reading this post---been such a busy week doing NON-creative things I haven't had time to indulge my mind, my spirit, my heart. I was almost afraid to read it; I didn't want Renita busting into my grind, throwing my mind of course. (I'm trying to run the race here, LOL, and if you start inspiring me, reminding me this ISN'T my calling, what will I do then?!?)

Let's be honest: My creative core is fused into everything I do. At work today, filing away hundreds and hundreds of research amendments, someone stopped me and said: "Hey, will you write "FILE" on this folder for me?" I had to stand there and smile. I can't hide it; apparently even my handwriting is brimming with creativity.

I desire, in my secret dreams and my soul, to live a life filled with creativity, but I live a life that doesn't respect that piece of myself. I put every single thing before creativity because I can't creatively channel it to make ends meet.

Finally, I had a bit of a revelation recently: Respect who you were made to me. Stop telling her to be quiet, love her and nurture her and quit saying nasty things to her. She is bold and courageous, too. Listen well to that voice, to the One who commands you to do what you must to live a life that you love. You owe your Self that much, you owe the Royal one who created you that much, and you owe other more than that fraction of who you are giving them currently.

So recently I've been camping out with my creative self, pitching tents and sitting by soul fires listening to her. She is wise, wise, wise. The moon comes out, greets us, we dream and share our deep selves. Sleeping well, the sun rises, I awake, and she is gone.

Daylight. The cover for my spirit of creativity. I catch myself THRILLED at the offer to scribe "FILE" on a folder. But hey, that's something, isn't it? I agree, Renita, what you said and how you say take the time to listen, because the Spirit is speaking wisdom to me, and Wisdom is changing my heart. slowly. slowly slowly.

(and I know this is getting long...) encouraging leader

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