15 August 2008

beauty, beauty everywhere

kids see beauty everywhere, don't they? they love on people without knowing what that means about who they are. they argue about plastic toys and crayon colors and which seat they get to sit at in the lunchroom. they draw the most imaginative things.

and then, they grow up.

[current moment]
i've just returned from a really log, hard, blood pumping, sweating-out-my-every-por run. it was tough, but it was beautiful and strengthening, too. i listened to my heart race, my mind race, my soul glide; through shadows and short breathes, something broke open. i can't say exactly what it was, but i know this is certain: something in the struggle is grace.


long. hard. night. could have been a fiesta, but my mind create a moat around my fortress-of-a-heart, and there was distance, mostly mental and battle, mostly within. such struggle for something so simple. the calm came, thank goodness, but my eyes showed my actions this morning. they were bloodshot and raw. they stung all day. i have created this, i kept reminding myself, i made it this tough.

[back to today]

so a great run, the most beautiful week august has ever seen. a rough patch, but beauty, beauty eVeRyWhEre.
and strawberries flying through the air. here is to love.

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