04 August 2008

a card a day

about a month ago, paul made me promise to make a card a day. can't say i actually followed through, but now that "tactic" is really keeping me on my toes. the VERY best way to get my stuff looked at on ETSY is by posting one card a day---ideally more, but i will take what i can get. i am *really* excited about this endeavor, i mean, more and more i find ways to make my cards, more inspirations to make cards, more love towards card making, more support around that which i love to do!

thanks thanks to everyone who has taken a peak at the shop; i would LOVE your feedback, btw, ANYTHING you have to say is super uplifting and really informative and (most of all) encouraging to the core. that you're even looking tells me i'm on the right track!

ok, well having a "real" job and staying busy after work is making these posts short, i promise to keep up with the good stuff, and in the mean time, keep up with your sweet lives, too. all my LOVE!

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