22 August 2008

nappy hair is happy hair

First Read Renita:

Then Read Stephanie's comment:
rjw- i do agree with you on this one—we should let our nappy hair be our happy hair but i don’t believe this experience is limited to just little black girls.

i have some curly hair, i mean, genetic mutant of my mother and father, and i am your average white girl. but this hair has been the center of most people’s eyes for my entire life. i am constantly just letting it be, and just by claiming it and love it, i get more attention than i desire about it. there is something to be said about how many girls across the world are conscious of the value they feel given depending on the “look” of the hair on top of their head.

i couldn’t count the number of times i hear “is that real?” “you must hate it” “i’d kill for that hair” now come on–women and men, alike, embrace what you have! that’s all i’m busy doing.

and i hated it as a child—hated it. permed it and straightened it and colored it and cut it and shoved it in every direction. but one day, i wrapped my full arms around myself and claimed i would be just exactly who i am.

i am learning how to be that more and more. that experience is not limited to a child of color, gender, race, class, or circumstance.
that is embracing the One who created us.
that is making a full claim to love yourself dEsPiTe your flaws.
(and believe me: you taught me sooo much about that, thank you Dr Weems, and “What Matters Most.)


Erin said...

"es tu pelo? de verdad?"
"hi curly girl. i can call you 'curly girl?'"

Julia said...

darn you, stephanie, for making me stay up way past my bedtime to read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT ON THAT RENITA WEEMS POST. why could i not tear myself away from that conversation? i'm not sure if i'm fascinated by it as a "distant" white voyeur or as a compassionate white girl with borderline nappy-ass hair. but that's a whole seperate issue to hash out, now isn't it?